Workout Wardrobe Lust List

Now that I’m officially hooked on Pure Barre classes (seriously — “hooked” is the only word I know to use), I’m beginning to become equally obsessed with Pure Barre-appropriate clothing. I find myself wanting to spend as much time as possible in the super-comfy yoga pants and shirts/tanks I wear to class, and so I’m tempted to add more pieces of said comfy attire to my wardrobe.

Honestly, if you run into me at just about any point during the day on a weekend, chances are I’ll be wearing my Pure Barre clothes. So I need some variety, right?

Here are a handful of the things I’d love to see in my closet:

1. Splits 59 Kym Full-Length Tight in Mariana Blue

I’m loving anything cobalt these days, and so these pants are right up my alley:

Picture 2

2. Splits 59 Betsy K. Funnel Hood Pullover in Yucca/Lime Acid

As much as I’m longing for spring, it’s still chilly these days — especially early in the morning when I’m headed to Pure Barre at 6 a.m.! This hoodie would be perfectly snuggly for pre- and post-class wear:

Picture 1

3. Lululemon Ebb and Flow Crop ii in Peach

This fabric is made to be especially lightweight and breathable, and this color is adorable, too!:

Picture 3

4. Lululemon Power Y Tank *Luon Light in Black

Sleek, breathable, and nice and long (perfect for all that stretching). Love this!:

Picture 4

5. Lululemon Wunder Under Pant in Black

Based on the reviews of this product, these pants seem to be just about perfect. I feel like I should try them out as well:

Picture 5

6. GapFit Power Shelf-Bra Tank in Black and Mint

Though I don’t yet own anything from the GapFit collection, I’ve been impressed with the breadth of its offerings. This top might just have to be my first GapFit item:

Picture 7

8. Zobha Anya Tank in Fiesta Pink

I’m not familiar with this brand, but I’m loving the look of this tank! Classic and simple in the front, but mixing it up a little in the back:

Picture 6

9. Mika Mia Capri in Magenta

Like I said: I’m ready for warmer weather. And won’t these be just perfect for it?:

Picture 8

10. Zella Live In Reversible Leggings in Gray Slate/Turq Ceramic

Two colors in one pair of pants? I’ll take it! (These got great review as well. One reviewer even liked them better than the reversible Lululemon pants! They’re more affordable, too.):

Picture 9

11. Zella Ruched Tank in Turq Ceramic

Yep. This makes the cut:

Picture 13

12. Zella Easy Breezy Hoodie in Aqua Button

Another oh-so-cute pullover, and this one’s lightweight (and brightly colored!) enough to carry into springtime, too:

Picture 12

What must-have workout wardrobe items am I missing? Please send favorite picks my way so I can add them to my wish list!

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