The Super Bowl, Country Bars, And Cowboy Boots

Happy Super Bowl Sunday*, everyone!

*Full disclosure: I don’t follow sports. Not even a little bit. So I’m one of those people who gets into this annual event solely for the social aspect. Well, that and the commercials, of course. I don’t even have a team I’m rooting for. I would have cheered for the Falcons out of Atlanta obligation had they made it to the Super Bowl this year, but now that they’re out of the running I’m not pulling for either team.

Anyway, we’ll be spending the evening with some Wake Forest friends and I’m in charge of dessert (my fave!), so I’m making these blondies again for the third time this week. (Yep — they’re THAT good and THAT easy.) Kevin has decided (and I have to agree) that while these blondies are in the oven, they make our house smell more delicious than just about anything else I’ve ever baked.

Also on the recipe agenda for the day: this Cooking Light granola and this Ina Garten portobello mushroom lasagna. (Remember, I have Ina to thank for those awesome blondies, so I totally trust her culinary advice at this point. The lasagna also comes highly recommended by my friend Bethany, which only reinforces my desire to try it out.)

In other news, I really want some new cowboy boots. These boots, to be more specific:

cowboy boots

Adorable, no?

I’ve wanted new boots for quite a while (my current pair was purchased for roughly $20 at Target during my junior year of college, so they’ve seen better days), but I think my trip to Johnny and June’s (“Winston-Salem’s Wildest Country Bar”) with some work friends last night sealed the deal. I mean, I’m gonna need some new boots for the next time we go line dancing, right?*

Here are a few of us looking, well, not especially country or anything, but ready for Johnny and June’s nonetheless. Yee haw!:


*Yes — there was both line dancing and bull riding last night, although I only participated in one of the two activities. 🙂

Hope everyone else is having a great weekend! Who else is making delicious Super Bowl eats? Please share any good recipes!

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  1. Those boots are PERFECT. The only national sport I follow is the NBA, so I have no nifty recipes planned for today. However, if I did get in to the Super Bowl, it would be all about the vegan buffalo wings from my favorite Denver vegetarian restaurant, city o’ city ( 🙂

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