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It’s pretty apparent from the cooking (and often baking) oriented nature of many of my blog posts that I really enjoy trying new recipes. I look to several resources for new recipes — magazines, friends, Google, Pinterest — but perhaps my favorite place to discover them is food blogs. There, not only do I often find interesting takes on recipes — tweaked by the blogger to add some flair — but typically there’s also lovely photography and a story (which may or may not be food related) to accompany the recipe itself.

With that in mind — since I’m so very appreciative to the food bloggers of the world who inspire me and arm me with wonderful recipes — I thought I’d pass along a sampling of my favorites to share.

  • Smitten Kitchen: Deb Perelman has this food blog thing DOWN. Her recipes are seasonal and interesting, and her commentary delightful. If you haven’t visited her site before, stop what you’re doing and do so immediately. (Seriously. Click here.)
  • Serious Eats: According to Serious Eats, they’re a “food blog focused on sharing food enthusiasm through online conversation, multiple blogs, and video.” And it’s awesome. (They’re especially great when it comes to grilling tips and recipes.)
  • The Crafty Cook Nook: Turns out my wonderful Malaysia roommate and bonded-for-life friend, Gwynne, is also an amazing blogger (no real surprise there). Check in on G’s posts for yummy vegetarian recipes and unique takes on baked goods — all served with a heaping helping of story to make them even more delicious.
  • Yes, I Want Cake: The title of this blog should quickly explain my love for it. Cake? Yes, please! (Don’t worry — Katie actually has lots of non-dessert recipes, and lots of healthy stuff, too.)
  • Honest Fare: This blog is a delicious assortment of simple, fresh ingredients combined to create interesting outcomes. Beautiful, clean photography and great writing is a plus, too.
  • Amuse Bouche: Do you know what an “amuse bouche” is? I had no idea until I Googled it to discover that it’s a single, bite-sized hors d’œuvre — but this blog covers much more territory than that. The author of this blog, Whitney, values comfort food and boozy drinks, so her blog is a haven for great new discoveries.

 What other not-to-be-missed food blogs should I add to my list?


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  1. I think you’d love The Bitten Word. They cook through recipes they find in the food magazines they subscribe to (e.g. Martha Stewart Living, Cooking Light, etc.), and narrate the process for us. Also, Bakers Royale has the most mouth-watering pictures of desserts, Dorie Greenspan is the person all of our other blogs go to for recipes, and Tartelette is so adorably French.

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