The Hunt For A New Favorite TV Series

Wonderful readers: I have a request.

Though I love most things about summertime, one downside is the TV show selection. During the other three seasons of the year, I enjoy keeping up with Modern Family, Parks and Rec, and the like, but once the season finales have aired, I’m left hunting for something new.

Kevin and I are caught up on Dexter through Season 5 (Season 6 is saved in my Netflix queue for when it becomes available), I just blew through United States of Tara (which I loved and highly recommend), and I’ve watched both seasons of Downton Abbey.

I’ve heard good things about both Luther and The Killing of late, so might check those out, and Walking Dead seems worth getting into as well.

So my question is this: Will you send some TV series recommendations my way? (Bonus points if they’re available to stream on Netflix!)

10 thoughts on “The Hunt For A New Favorite TV Series

  1. Better Off Ted (which I watched via Netflix). Pushing Daisies. Veronica Mars.

    And for my money, something deliciously over-the-top like True Blood* over The Walking Dead**, which has great production values (a la Mad Men) and builds tension well, but doesn’t seem able to develop a storyline or character who’s not a Walking Cliche. True Blood has the same great makeup and cliff-hanger tension, but though it may cross some weird boundaries, it’s never not colorful or ‘happening.’ Also, overall, it’s a little less heavy-handed with its metaphors. And its theme song is absolutely perfectly edited. I’m coming across like I like this show more than I maybe do, but it’s fun.

    *Note: I’ve not seen since Season 4.5 of True Blood
    Note: I’ve not seen past Season 1 of Walking Dead

  2. Hey Anna! Alex and I just finished season 1 of Game of Thrones- it is fantastic! Friday Night Lights is streaming on Netflix- we really enjoyed it as well. Let’s see…we’ve also plowed through Arrested Development, Walking Dead, LOST, and Shameless…enjoy! 🙂

  3. Among the shows currently playing, I’d recommend Pretty Little Liars and White Collar, although the latter can be dry.
    Then there’s Daria. 🙂
    And I heartily agree with those who mentioned Veronica Mars and Game of Thrones. Two of my favourite shows.

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