Monday Night Cake Fail

Doesn’t this cake look deliciously fresh and summery?:

I thought so, too, and thought it would be the perfect baking project Monday night.

At first, all was going according to plan. I bought my berries (I decided to use just blueberries and raspberries rather than including blackberries, too), set out the butter to soften, and got the other ingredients ready.

I whipped out my beloved Kitchen Aid mixer and started whipping up some batter. It looked perfect! (I snuck a few tastes, too, and it was wonderful.)

I should have realized something was up when it came time to spoon the batter into the bundt pan. It nearly filled the pan, and I think I should have left some of the batter out. (I also should have greased and floured it better!)

Anyway, the final result was a cake that was slightly over baked on the outside with pockets of uncooked batter on the inside. Oh, and about a third of it stuck to the pan.

I’m still convinced that this will be a delicious cake, though, so I plan to give it another try — with a few slight modifications.

Has anyone else experienced kitchen failures of late?

2 thoughts on “Monday Night Cake Fail

  1. Hey i didn’t realize this was your blog! Cooooool.

    I had a kitchen failure last night: I was cooking a steak Alton Brown style which involves searing it in a cast iron skillet and then putting it in a 500 degree oven for a few minutes. I didn’t realize until I was home that canola oil was missing on my list of needed ingredients. I said F it and used olive oil instead (bad idea) and the instant I put it on the really hot cast iron skillet smoke started billowing out all over the place.

    It was quite the balancing act searing both sides while being blinded from smoke, fanning the smoke detector with a towel, and running to and from the oven to flip the steak over. Luckily, the steak still turned out pretty good.

    Moral of the story: Oil smoke points really do matter. lol.

    Happy Cooking!

  2. Memorable baking fail (of which I’ve had many): During my senior year of high school English, my group had to prepare some sort of “British” food to bring to our in-class Renaissance Fair. (Nerd alert.) My group settled on crumpets, which wound up hard as hockey pucks. We took turns throwing them into our friend’s backyard to tempt birds. Even the birds wouldn’t peck at them. We watched as an early evening thunderstorm drenched the backyard and crumpets. (This was in coastal Alabama, so you know how crazy those storms can be.) When the sky cleared, we checked on the decomposition level of said crumpets. They looked exactly as they had when we’d taken them from the level.

    Moral of story: Don’t allow AP English students to bake together. 🙂

    For the mighty bundt cake:
    I’ve had some trouble with bundt cake pans, too. If possible, line the pan with parchment paper. That helped me a ton when I was trying to pop the finished cake from the pan.

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