Funny Venn Diagrams, Pie Charts, And A Touch Of Demetri Martin

I’ve been pretty thrilled with the funny Venn diagrams that have been making their way across social networks lately, and decided to aggregate a few of my favorite humorous charts and graphs to share. That thought immediately led me to Demetri Martin, a comedian who — for those not familiar — has a knack for creating wonderfully amusing graphs, sketches, and the like.

If you don’t already adore Demetri Martin, this quote will likely win you over:

Good stuff, no?

Further support:

And now here are some awesome Venn diagrams (most of which are not thanks to Demetri Martin but are worth including nonetheless):

Note: After much Googling, I was unable to locate Kevin’s favorite, which illustrates the following equation:

butterfly tattoo + 20 years = Australia tattoo


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