They DO Exist!

Until January 9, 2012, I had no idea an animal called a “narwhal” existed. A unicorn whale? Are you kidding me? How in the world did I miss learning about this should-be mythical wonder of nature? (Also, why aren’t more people talking about these creatures on a regular basis? I mean, really.)

The 5-year-old version of myself is so upset that I never had a narwhal-themed birthday party. Sigh.

This discovery (thanks again, Kevin!) got me thinking: What else is out there that I don’t know about? Lots, sure, about the intricacies of international conflicts and theology and, you know, welding. But I’m talking about things I feel like I should know about — like the narwhal. Facts and know-how that I should have accumulated and absorbed over the years.

For 50-Cent, it was the existence of the grapefruit. For me, the narwhal — and…what? What do I not know that, to countless other people, is very common knowledge?

Has anyone else experienced a similar discovery? Please share — I might have missed that fact, too!

One thought on “They DO Exist!

  1. Canada has the world’s second largest oil reserves.


    if, F=C(9/5)+32 (and it does, that’s the Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion.) at what temp are they the same? The answer is disguised here, so you don’t see it immediately…. 5*2*-2*2. This formula comes up more often that you realize until you know the formula. 🙂

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