My Boots Are Dying

It’s true. My favorite boots, I fear, are nearing the end of their lovely lives.

To make it worse, these aren’t just my favorite boots — they’re my favorite shoes.

With these boots, I’ve explored the streets of cities like Chicago, London, and Seattle.

I wore them in our engagement photos.

They’ve been my trusty, go-to pair of shoes for years.

Granted, they’ve lived a nice, long life (I bought them in 2007). Plus, their lifespan has been impressive considering they were a $30 find at a Ross Dress For Less in Birmingham. They aren’t particularly well made, and I don’t even know what brand they are. But I adore them, and get compliments on them regularly (even though they’ve been looking a little rough lately).

I’ve had them resoled a couple of times already and, knowing they wouldn’t last forever, have been on the hunt for some replacement boots for a couple of years now, but to no avail. The alternatives I’ve found have either been too tall or too slouchy or too lightly colored or too…something. I’ve not yet found anything remotely similar enough to be considered a “replacement.”

So, ultimately, this post is no more than an attempt to enlist your assistance in my search for new boots. Help — has anyone seen a pair similar to mine?

(On a completely and totally unrelated note, please look at how adorable my dog is! Here he is taking a Sunday afternoon snooze with his lobster, Harold.):



5 thoughts on “My Boots Are Dying

  1. Thanks, Jennifer! These are cute — they are a little high, though (mine don’t even go halfway up my calves). That’s one problem I’ve had in finding replacements, because most similar styles are a little higher than I’d like.

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