“A finished person is a boring person.”

How does one begin a blog, exactly?

Hello, internet, and so on?

An intro of sorts would be appropriate, I suppose.

My name is Anna and, incidentally, the quote in the title of this post is by an Anna as well: Anna Quindlen. She’s on my “Favorite People I Haven’t Actually Met” list (okay, so I “met” her at a book reading/signing, but that totally doesn’t count). She’s the kind of journalist I would love to be, which is where the admiration began.

I’m a journalist (more by training than by current practice) and work as an Account Executive at an ad agency in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. I’m still getting to know the city, because my husband and I just moved here in July, so please send any W-S tips my way!

Speaking of my husband, here’s Kevin and me on our wedding day this past July:

(Here we are looking significantly less fancy):

We live with our dog, Fulton, who’s a boxer/lab mix (we think…although Kevin likes to say he’s a tiger/lab mix). Here he is looking quite festive and gentleman like:

I’ve thought about starting a blog for a while, but wondered what “theme” I would follow. I like cooking and trying out new recipes, so should I start a food blog? Should I start writing about Winston-Salem? Journalism? Being a newlywed? I just couldn’t arrive at single topic to dedicate my blog to, so I thought I’d cast a wider net, which is more my style anyway. I’m a curious person, and the things that interest me certainly don’t fit within one overarching topic.

As a result, here you’ll find a wide assortment of subject matter, sure to include all of the above topics mentioned as well as thoughts on pop culture, my take on world events, my newly developed love affair with Pinterest, and rantings about the terrible state of grammar in America (sometimes “me” is correct, rather than “I,” people!).

Thanks for coming along to observe with me!

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