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Toffee Crunch Cookies (Like The Kind Panera Used To Have!)

Does anyone remember those amazingly delectable, perfectly chewy toffee crunch cookies that Panera Bread used to sell in their bakery? They were downright incredible — and about six months ago they stopped selling them. Slightly tragic news for me. (Seriously — they were really good! And they’ve been replaced by a nowhere-near-as-good “Peanut Butter Dream” cookie, which also has toffee bits. I’m not a fan.)

Looks like I’m not the only one disappointed in this menu adjustment. This self-dubbed lazy mom wasn’t thrilled, either:

Anyway, I recently had a craving for said toffee deliciousness and, since obviously Panera can no longer help with that (thanks a lot!), I decided to go to the all-knowing Google in search of an imitation recipe. I found this one, and decided tonight was the night to give it a shot. (Note: I opted not to use walnuts, though the recipe I found called for them.)

The result? Chewy, toffee-filled amazingness. I highly recommend this recipe, whether you recall the Panera version or are just a lover of good cookies.

(P.S. Like my new dessert plates? They’re from the Target Neiman collection, and I adore them!)

Here’s how you can recreate the cookie magic in your very own kitchen: