Day 11: Movement (Part 1)

There’s no doubt that exercise movement benefits our health in myriad ways. We know it:

-Releases endorphins  
-Reduces anxiety and depression
-Helps with stress management
-Reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s
-Helps clear fat and sugar out of the blood 
-Builds strength
-Increases mobility
-Strengthens bones and prevents osteoporosis
-Improves quality of sleep

But simply knowing the benefits of something doesn’t guarantee we’ll follow through!

If for some reason you don’t hit your movement goals on any given day, it’s still possible to get a healthy dose of movement by implementing a few simple concepts. 

Here are some ideas I’m working with. Let me know which ones resonate with you:

1) If you have a free block of time in your day, CHOOSE MOVEMENT – even if it’s just five minutes, and even if it means your laundry doesn’t get put away that day.  

This can look like…

Calf raises and calf stretches in the middle of your work day, which will only support activities you plan to do later in the day or the week.

OR some hip stretches and glides to improve overall hip mobility for walking, squats and other activities. Check out this reel of mine for a few ideas of how to counteract the negative effects of sitting too much. 

2) Reframe your environment as a place where movement can happen.

Movement can happen…inside, outside, in your car, in an office, in your kitchen, on the floor, in a chair, against the wall – you name it! 

The wall is a place where push-ups, a wall sit, or a chest stretch can happen. 

Here is a nine-minute Wall Moves sequence to try:

NOTE: If viewing on your smartphone, select the full-screen option for all videos.

A chair can be a place to add a sit-to-stand squat series, some spinal rotation, or a neck stretch. I’ll feature some Chair Moves videos on my Instagram page later this spring.

The playground, the floor, and the stairs are some other locations where I like to move.

3) Find the types of movement you love – the ones that make you feel happy, strong, and capable, that fully engage you and help clear your mind.

Commit to these regularly as a form of self care – running, walking, Barre class, yoga, Pilates, golf, bowling, tennis, yard work, etc. Make a “Favorite Moves” list of all the ways you like to move so you have options on-hand!  

4) Remember: breath is movement! 

If your body is confined in a “no movement” situation (airplane, car, etc.) take some slow deep breaths. Breathing involves a lot of essential movement and is an integral part of your core. It also calms the nervous system! A nice three-dimensional inhale followed by a slow deep exhale has so many benefits for your body. Plus, the more you practice breathing, the better your core will function when moving your body more vigorously. Email me if you need some tips on how to integrate more 3-D breathing into your day.

Look out for some more movement tips in tomorrow’s email!

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