Blogs I Follow

Looking for some recommended reading? Give these blogs a try:

  • The Crafty Cook Nook, written by my wonderful friend (and former Malaysia roomie), Gwynne Middleton
  • A Foodie Stays Fit, a blog by a fellow North Carolina resident who always has fun and healthy tips and recipes to pass along.
  • Happy Little Southern Nest, authored by a college classmate and full of yummie veggie recipe suggestions, among other things.
  • All You Need Is Love, by another college friend (and sorority sister) who will never fail to give great recipe and fashion/accessory advice.
  • Writer/speaker Shawna Niequist’s blog is well-written, funny, and real. I appreciate that.
  • Have you heard of The Blogess, who describes herself as “Mother Teresa, only better”? Her post about Beyoncé the Chicken alone is worth following this funny lady.
  • Smitten Kitchen is a go-to for deliciously original recipes, accompanied by lovely photography and amusing anecdotes.
  • Another awesome food blog is Serious Eats. I especially love their recommendations when it comes to recipes to throw on the grill.
  • Thrifthounds, powered by Cameron Turner (my friend Gwynne’s husband), is a great go-to for anyone trying to keep things frugal. He aims to help readers cut expenses, talk to your kids about money, and develop practices like growing your own food to help keep costs down at home.



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