Maggie Monday (September 25, 2017)

Our baby girl will be six months old this week, which is so hard to believe. She continues to be sweet, snuggly, curious, and fun. Watching her smile so big that her face gets all scrunched up is the best thing I’ve ever witnessed.

She can’t quiiiiiite sit up on her own, but she’s SO close! Meanwhile, she compensates by rolling all over the place. We have yet to find a food she doesn’t like (she’s added rice, beans, and hummus to the mix recently), and look forward to introducing peanut butter soon. (Here’s hoping she’s allergy free!)

We had the best weekend together. It was a good mix of productive and chill, and the best part was getting to spend some time with Kevin and Maggie. The hardest thing about Mondays is missing them both!

To help with my withdrawal, here are a handful of Maggie pics from the last few days:

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